Welcome to the Evolution of Passive Income.

EverGrow is the leading stable-coin rewards token. Earn Binance-USD ($BUSD), simply by holding EverGrow ($EGC) in your crypto wallet.*
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Introducing the EverGrow Ecosystem

EverGrow is creating a brand new Ecosystem of utilities all designed to generate additional token volume which will generate additional passive income for all the holders.

This will be a one of a kind suite of  applications that will independently generate revenue from various activities such as buying and selling NFT's, games and other utilities. 100% of the net profits generated by the utilities will be used for EverGrow’s BuyBack & Burn system.

AbstractVR Metaverse
In partnership with Objective Reality, enter a 3d virtual world that brings together the entire EverGrow Ecosystem. Socialise with friends, visit an NFT gallery, a virtual crypto bank or play a suite of virtual reality games.
Crator Social Media Platform
A content subscription & social media platform that integrates both crypto and FIAT payment options.

LunaSky NFT Marketplace

On LunaSky you'll be able to Mint, Buy and Sell NFTs. The marketplace will also include a minting tool that will let users create their own NFTs from images, videos & other data.

Atlas Wallet

Multiple Wallets
Atlas Wallet allows you to create up to 50 wallets for your security and convenience.
Swap & Cross-Chain Swap
Atlas Wallet has an integrated Swap where you can trade and invest in all your favorite cryptocurrencies without leaving the app! Our standard Swap allows you to access over 4000 tokens on both Binance & Ethereum chains. Our Cross-Chain Swap offers instant access to over 300 cryptocurrencies across Ethereum. BSC. HECO. Polygon, Polkadot, OKE×Chain and TRON. This gives you direct trading on over 35,000 cross-chain pairs, and this number is growing daily!
Fiat On/Off Ramp
Thanks to multiple partnerships, Atlas Wallet offers our users the ability to directly purchase cryptocurrencies with a debit/credit card using FIAT currencies, including, but not limited to, GBP, EURO & USD. Users can also *Off-Ramp' their crypto directly to their bank accounts without leaving our app!
Watch-Only Wallets
For maximum security users can add up to 50 "Watch-Only' Wallets to their Atlas Wallet. This means you can fully monitor your own Crypto Wallets, or even the Crypto Wallet of your favorite Whale! Wallets can be added with a Wallet address only meaning they are 100% secure with no interactions on the blockchain
Atlas Banking & Mastercard
A seamless banking solution for Crypto users worldwide. Use your Atlas Mastercard with over 42 million merchants worldwide and make cash withdrawals from ATMs in over 150 countries. Link your crypto holdings to your own multi-currency FIAT bank accounts for easy transfers and payments.


CRATOR - The EverGrow Subscription Platform.

We are developing the world’s first Content Subscription Platform to integrate both Crypto and FIAT payment options. Users can choose to use FIAT, other cryptocurrencies or $EGC to purchase content, tip & message content creators, or subscribe for regular content. Creators can opt to be paid in $EGC, other cryptocurrencies or FIAT, with the lowest commissions in the industry.

100% of all Net Profits for BuyBack and Burn
Additional passive income for EverGrow holders.
Subscription Based Content by Creators
Create content for subscribers who can pay with crypto or FIAT.
Pending Development.


AbstractVR Metaverse

A virtual world that brings together the entire EverGrow Ecosystem. Browse LunaSky NFTs in a fully-immersive 3D gallery, meet friends & influencers on Crator, play VR games, or shop in virtual stores with your crypto wallet.

In partnership with Objective Reality and their AbstractVR virtual reality universe.


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