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Frequently Asked Questions

The first utility of the EverGrow Ecosystem, LunaSky, launched a beta version on September 26th 2022 with its full launch coming summer 2023. Immediately followed by Atlas Wallet, a multichain crypto wallet with a suite of essential and advanced features and then Evergrow Staking. For more information on the status of these utilities please check the Progress Report Page  [opens in new window].

Rewards distribution is calculated by the amount of EverGrow you hold and the token's daily volume. The main reasons you may not see your $BUSD rewards are:

  1. You hold a small amount of $EGC so rewards take longer to accumulate before being distributed.
  2. Trading volume is low – distribution occurs when certain thresholds are triggered. When volume is low these thresholds take longer to reach. When volume is high distributions can happen as often as every hour.
  3. You have not activated the BUSD (BEP20) stablecoin token in your wallet. To do this, you will have to add BUSD to your token list on your wallet. Please take a look at the Video Tutorials below (BUSD BEP-20 contract address: 0xe9e7cea3dedca5984780bafc599bd69add087d56)

September 25th 2021.

"BUSD" (Binance USD) is a 1:1 USD-backed stablecoin created by Binance and Paxos which is regulated and approved by the New York State Department of Financial Services. One BUSD represents 1 US dollar and it can be converted to fiat, transferred or sold like any other crypto.

The price of a crypto token in TrustWallet is generated by the average price from ALL centralized and decentralized exchanges. This is the MARKET Price and it will fluctuate depending on the individual Exchanges. The price you see on Dextools and Poocoin reflects the price of buys and sells from the main Liquidity Pool (PancakeSwap) and is the most accurate.

A Contract Address is a public and unique alphanumeric key that refers to a token's specific location and code (Smart Contract) on a blockchain. 

A Seed Phrase is a series of words generated by a crypto wallet that serve as your MASTER KEY to the tokens. This is similar to a secure password which you can use to recover and access a crypto wallet. (Please remember that you should never share your Seed Phrase with anyone as they will gain access to your tokens and you may lose them)

In order to buy, sell or convert (Swap) crypto tokens you need to establish a secure and encrypted connection between your tokens (Wallet) and an Exchange or Swap. When you connect your wallet you are allowing this connection to be established and transactions can proceed. (Please never connect your wallet to unknown websites.)

Transaction Signing is a security feature that prevents unauthorized transactions between two connections. In software based crypto wallets you can activate Transaction Signing to make sure no one can make transactions without your authorization. To ENABLE this feature in TrustWallet, select SETTINGS > SECURITY > Enable Transaction Settings.

"Smart Contract" is a crypto term that describes a specific type of code in a blockchain which automatically executes certain functions for a consensus or agreement between parties or other Smart Contracts when specific conditions are met. The code is replicated across the entire blockchain (in multiple nodes) and therefore benefits from security, stability and immutability. For more information on what a "blockchain" is click here [opens in new window].

Keep your cryptocurrency secure by following standard cryptocurrency security protocols
Never Connect Your Wallet to Unknown Websites
You may lose your tokens if you connect to malicious websites
Enable Transaction Signing on TW
Password Protect all Transactions on your wallet
Never give out your Seed Phrase
Your wallet Seed Phrase are the keys to your crypto
Never Screenshot or store your Seed Phrase on a digital device
You may compromise your Seed Phrase if your device is lost or stolen
Never Interact with Unknown Crypto
Never interact with random tokens that appear in your wallet without your knowledge or go to their website
Don't fall for "Customer Support"
Never reply or interact with people claiming to be "customer support"
Please use our official contract address: 0xC001BBe2B87079294C63EcE98BdD0a88D761434e
EGC TUTORIAL: How to buy EverGrow with TrustWallet.

A tutorial on how to buy EverGrow using TrustWallet and BNB on our own Swap.


A tutorial on what is BUSD and how to see your BUSD rewards on TrustWallet.

How to Calculate Rewards by Crypto Atlas

A tutorial on how to Calculate your BUSD Rewards by YouTube CryptoAtlas.

How to use TrustWallet for Beginners

A tutorial on how to setup and use TrustWallet for beginners.

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