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A Passive Income Rewards Token on the Binance Smart Chain Network

What is EverGrow

EverGrow is the world’s leading stable-coin rewards crypto token, having distributed over $38 million to our holders via our innovative passive income system. Launched on the Binance Smart Chain on September 25th 2021, our project is overseen by Sam Kelly, Chairman of the Board, and our experienced team of developersdesigners and marketing specialists. Our primary goal is to make EverGrow a top20 crypto project, while revolutionizing the passive income web 3.0 movement. EverGrow has over 139k holders spanning 150 countries, and over 100k followers and members across our social media.

The Evolution of Passive Income
EverGrow’s vision for a completely new way to look at passive income is simple: hold EverGrow in your crypto wallet and let us do the rest! You will earn passive income 24 hours a day through our revolutionary blockchain-based tokenomics system. A very different way to see passive income from traditional sources like rental properties, royalties or stock dividends. Initially your rewards are generated from every Buy, Sell, or Transfer of EverGrow Token ($EGC) based on the total amount of $EGC you hold. When our suite of revenue generating utilities are launched, these will create further sources of passive income for holders.
The EverGrow Ecosystem
(in development)

EverGrow is creating a brand new ecosystem of utilities designed to generate additional sources of passive income for holders. Our suite of applications includes “Crator” which is the world’s first content subscription platform to integrate both crypto and FIAT payment options; “LunaSky”, a cross-chain supported NFT Marketplace where you can buy, sell, and mint NFTs; our revolutionary crypto wallet which will fully integrate tokenomics for rewards in native and non-native currencies and our ground-breaking partnership with Objective Reality, which will bring our entire ecosystem into a rich, 3d ‘metaverse’.

The net-profits from all these utilities will be used for our revolutionary BuyBack & Burn function, where we buy $EGC on the open market, creating green candles and $BUSD rewards for holders, then burn those tokens, removing them permanently from circulation.

EverGrow Crypto Wallet
Crator Social Media Platform
AbstractVR Metaverse

The EverGrow Ecosystem of Utilities is being developed by different teams and is progressing towards launch in 2022 and 2023.
LunaSky (Beta)
LunaSky V2
AbstractVR Metaverse
Crator (Pending)

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